The term Chapters Regional Conference (“CRC”) defines a meeting of all the chapters of the region. The Chapters Regional Committee conducts the orientation session, caucus, executive session and business meetings. The conference also includes workshops, technical sessions, technical tours, addresses by Society officers, regional award presentations and offers opportunities for regional fellowship. The Chapters Regional Conference (CRC) is intended to provide a forum for the dissemination of information pertaining to chapter and regional activities.


  • Chapters to report their activities for the previous year and establish goals for the coming year.
  • Regional officers to report their activities and plans.
  • Society officers to inform the region of Society plans, review chapter activities within the region and participate in workshops.
  • Chapter delegates to submit motions for proper review.
  • Chapter delegates to present nominees for Society and regional offices and candidates for honors and awards.
  • Conducting chapter workshops that will educate and prepare officers and committee members to fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Conducting technical sessions on subjects that will educate as well as increase attendance.
  • Organizing social activities that will increase attendance and promote camaraderie.
  • Recognizing and presenting awards to chapter and regional members.

Attendance:  Attendance at meetings of the CRC is expected of all Chapter Delegates and Alternates, Director & Regional Chair, Regional Historian, Regional Refrigeration Chair (optional), Regional Webmaster, Treasurer , Regional Vice Chairs for Membership Promotion, Student Activities, Chapter Technology Transfer, Research Promotion, Regional Member, Alternate and Reserve Alternate to the Nominating Committee, Chapter Historian Regional Program and chapter committee chairs of the above mentioned committees. In addition, any Society member residing in the region is encouraged to attend these meetings. The attendance of chapter officers and committee chairs, although not mandatory, is strongly encouraged.