Bahrain Chapter


Chapter # 181

Location: Manama, Bahrain

Formed: 28th June, 2006


President: Mr. Vinod Venugopal


Phone: +973-33121201

Chapter Past Presidents

• Mr. Tariq Malik, 2006-2009
• Mr. Bader Y Salmeen, 2009-2010
• Mr. Ayman Taha Hussein Eltalouny, 2010- 2011
• Mr. Shawqi A.Rasool Ebrahim, 2011-2012
• Mr. Tariq Malik, 2012-2017
• Mr. Adil Inam 2017-2019
• Mr. Dessy Thomas Philip 2019-2020.
• Mr. Pankaj Amin, 2020-21
• Mr. Dessy Thomas Philip, 2021-22

Chapter History

Before the formation of ASHRAE Bahrain Chapter, the ASHRAE members in Bahrain were facilitated by the Falcon Chapter, Dubai. Their emails related to seminars and other activities were a constant source of inspiration to establish a Chapter in Bahrain.
For this purpose, in March 2006, Mr. Tariq Malik traveled to Dubai to attend a seminar and to discuss with Mr. Bassel Anbari, then Falcon Chapter President, the possibility of forming an ASHRAE Chapter in Bahrain.
Mr. Bassel Anbari was pleased and encouraged the idea. He arranged a meeting with Mr. Ayman Altonany, Program Officer UNEP Bahrain, where initiating members met and formed a steering committee. The members of the steering committee were Mr. Tariq Malik, Mr. Ayman Altonany, Mr. Bader Salmein, Mr. Alan Millin and Mr. Gareth Brown.
The steering worked hard under the guidance of Samir Traboulsi – then Director and Regional Chair, Region-at-Large; Dr. Walid Chakroun – then Sub-Region-A Chair; Bassel Anbari – then President ASHRAE Falcon Chapter; Jeanie Kirksey – Regional Activities Coordinator at ASHRAE headquarters and the support of fellow engineers in Bahrain to make this dream come true.