Director & Regional Chair

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers, Inc. – Region-at-Large

I’m pleased & honored to serve The Region-at-Large (RAL) members and chapters from 1st July 2018 till 30th June 2021, RAL has grown up enormously since it is officially formed in July 1, 2001 till date

The Region now has 22 Chapters, and 5 sections with more than 4000 members.

The challenge which we are always facing in RAL how to serve and approach all members specially who is not affiliated in certain chapters, During the last few years our past leaders sis marvelous job to achieve this target, I’m today and for the coming three years will do my best not only to follow the same track but also to enhance our performance towards our valued members by using all ASHRAE tools and services for the benefit of its members such as ASHRAE Handbooks & Standards, ASHRAE Publications, ASHRAE Learning Institute Courses, Distinguished Lecturers, ASHRAE Research, World Class Conferences in all parts of the globe and EXPO’s.

In the coming years RAL needs to continue implementing  ASHRAE Strategic Plan, consider its own re-organization, serve better the special needs of developing economies, serve better our members who are not part of chapters, liaise with government agencies to promote a sustainable World using ASHRAE standards and resources. All this in keeping with ASHRAE’s mission statement of advancing the arts and sciences of heating ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration for the Globe benefit.

Ahmed Alaa Eldin Mohamed

Director & Regional Chair, Ashrae Region At Large