14th RAL CRC in Istanbul, Turkey

From 2nd to 4th October, 2015

The 14th CRC was awarded to he Turkish Chapter with some trepidation as the Chapter was a little over a year old. RAL’s faith in the Turkish Chapter was fully vindicated. Dr. Baris and his team put up a CRC, the likes of which will be hard to replicate. The arrangements were outstanding. Turkish Hospitality is legendary and RAL saw it at first hand.
The CRC had over 400 members attend from all 25 Chapters and 7 Sections, and had the honour to host ASHRAE President David Underwood and ASHRAE Vice Presidents Jim Vallort , Prof. Dr.
Walid Chakroun and Prof. Dr. Bjarne Olesen. Presidential Members Prof. Dr. Bill Bahnfleth, Ronald Jarnagin and Ronald Vallort gave their support to the event by contributing as speakers to the Technical Seminar which turned out to be a great success.
The Welcome Party was a Cruise on the Bosphorous that was truly memorable. Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a bosphorous cruise was the right way to enjoy it.
Finally, to top off the events was a grand affair in the well known Feriye restaurant. An elaborate dinner was followed by lots of music and dancing, enticing President Underwood himself to join the floor.