15th Joint CRC in Bangkok, Thailand

From 30th September to 1st October, 2016

The 15th RAL CRC will not only be the first Joint CRC of Region At Large with Region 13, but will be the first Joint CRC in ASHRAE. Also set to take place during the Joint CRC and unprecendented in ASHRAE will be the first ever Board of Directors Meeting outside the United States. This was decided keeping in line with ASHRAE’s move towards globalization. It was felt that a Board meeting at this CRC, which will bring together the only two regions not in the United States at one place, would be ideal for the Society Executives to interact and understand the ASHRAE members outside the United States and Canada.
All 25 Chapters are expected to attend the CRC. A one day Technical Seminar shall kick off the Conference on the 30th Sepember 2016. Eight speakers will cover topics under the theme “Innovation for a Sustainable Future”. Notable among them are ASHRAE speakers, President, Tim Wentz; President Elect, Bjarne Oleson; Society Treasurer, Sheila Hayter; Jim Vallort, Charles Gulledge and Thomas Lawrence.
The Business Sessions are expected to have almost 150 members participate. It will be the first CRC where 15 Assistant Regional Vice Chairs, a new officer position, shall attend. Training and workshops shall be held jointly with Region 13 on the second day.
The Social Functions will be held in collaboration with Region 13 and are scheduled at the Hotel Ballroom, with lots of food and entertainment.
Sightseeing Tours are being arranged including an evening at the Siam Niramit Show, a performance showcasing Thai Culture and performed on the highest stage in the world!