Foundation of Hellenic Chapter – Greece (ASHRAE Chapter 168)

The Hellenic Chapter’s charter was approved in 1999 by the Board of Directors of ASHRAE during the Annual Conference in Seattle, U.S.A. On April 16, 2000 the inaugural event of the Hellenic Chapter was held at a Central Hotel in Athens.
The Chapter has been established amongst others by the tireless efforts of Costas Balaras, Ioannis Papagrigorakis and Dimitris Charalambopoulos. The number of members in the petition of the chapter creation was around 55 and the society year closed successfully with 120 members.
The Hellenic Chapter in the last sixteen years has consistently and successfully organized a series of Technical Seminars and technical tours in related fields. Participation in the seminars has been
increasing steadily and currently is around 220-250 engineers on average. During the last five years the Hellenic Chapter has been organizing the International Conferences “ENERGY in BUILDINGS” where more than 750 engineers register in every one of them. The conferences are also webcasted live and watched all over the world.
Since 2012, the Chapter annually holds the ASHRAE Certification Exams (BEAP, BEMP, CPMP, HBDP, HFDP and OPMP) in which more than 15 members from the Hellenic Chapter have been
certified. The Hellenic Chapter publishes an electronic Newsletter, sent to over 3.500 recipients, and maintains the site ( where the activities of the Chapter and its sponsors are listed.
Representatives of the Hellenic Chapter participate on ASHRAE’S Regional and Society Conferences.