RAL History

Region-at-Large History 2001 – 2016

“From Chapter At Large To Region At Large”

The Region At Large (RAL) history started with the formation of its first chapter, ASHRAE India Chapter at Large (AICAL, 158). The seeds of RAL were sowed way back in 1980 when four engineers in India formed the Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers
(ISHRAE), with similar objectives.
In 1987, ISHRAE members decided to make an application to ASHRAE to form a chapter in India.
A petition signed by 25 members was presented at ASHRAE’s first Far East conference in Hong Kong in October, 1987, however, these members were disappointed to learn that new rules required a minimum of 50 members.
In 1989, a revised petition was made, and the 1989 ASHRAE Far East conference at Kuala Lumpur provided the opportunity for another dialogue with ASHRAE’s Senior Executives, to generate interest
in ASHRAE having it’s Chapter in India.
Thanks to the very able & dynamic support from the then, ASHRAE President, David S. Butler (Sr), Ms. Carolyn K Stewart, Director Member Services, and Frank Coda, Executive Director cum Secretary; the charter for the ASHRAE India Chapter at Large was approved at the February 15, 1990 meeting in Atlanta. The Chapter was officially chartered on March 29th, 1990 with an impressive ceremony held at the Hyatt Regency Delhi, by ASHRAE President, Mr. David S Butler.
In 1992, a mini CRC was held at Hong Kong, and a proposal was made to include the four Chapters of South East Asia & ASHRAE India Chapter at Large in Region X, located in California USA. All overseas chapters attended CRC’s of Region X, starting from 1992 until 1996. The first CRC was held at Riverside California, April 28th to 1st May 1993, and the last, at Lake Tahoe, Nevada, May 2nd to May 4th, 1996.
The Saudi Chapter was chartered in 1993; Cairo, Lebanon & Western India in 1995; and the Kuwait chapter in 1996. It is interesting to record that the Lebanese chapter was chartered on 9th October, 1996 in Cairo, by ASHRAE President, Dick Hayter and Region X DRC, Mr. Sukhdev S. Mathaudhu. The Chapter Officers, Board of Governors, Committee Chairs, Student Branch Officers and their advisors from Lebanon, travelled to Cairo for the Charter Ceremony.
In order to gauge the response of the Overseas Chapters, a meeting of representatives from all Overseas Chapters was held in Hong Kong on the 14th & 15th November, 1995. Representatives from India, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan Chapters were present. The Cairo and Saudi Arabia Chapters were absent from the meeting. The issues discussed at this important meeting were concerning the future operation of ASHRAE Overseas Chapters.
At the meeting, the Overseas Chapters were candid with their views on the formation of Region XIII.

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