Cairo Chapter

The Cairo chapter was established in 1995 with the collective efforts of elite group of HVAC consultants, contractors and suppliers. The first inauguration was held at Dar ElHandasa office in Mohandseen, Cairo. The First Chapter president was Engineer Mohamed Salem. Following him were elite eminent HVAC pioneers such as Prof. Dr. Hany Olama, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Fouad, Dr. Alaa Olama, Eng. Fouad Hamad, Eng. Alaa Kamal and many others. The chapter continues to expand including membership from industry and academia.
The Cairo Chapter proudly organized the 2003 CRC, chaired by Dr. Alaa Olama and the 2010 CRC, chaired by Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Fouad. They are keen to host another one soon. The 2010 CRC was a joint meeting between ASHRAE and UNEP with extensive technical meetings and the attendance of 23 Chapters.
Members from the Chapter are very active in Regional and Society level committees and posts. They have few students’ chapters in Cairo, Tanta and Alexandria. The Chapter Historian has successfully interviewed pioneers of the HVAC industry and Academia and kept a record on CD.
The Chapter has very strong links with Governmental organizations and other institutions active in the HVAC, such as the Syndicate of Engineers and the Society of Engineers. On the International levels they collaborate with UNIDO and UMDP.

Chapter information

Chapter # 161
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Chartered: 30th March, 1995

Chapter Board of Governors

President: Dr Hesham Mohamed Safwat Osman
President-Elect: Mr Ahmed Elassy

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