Northern Pakistan Chapter

Mr. Mubesher Ahmad, currently President of the Pakistan HVACR Society was the driving force behind the creation of the ASHRAE Northern Chapter in Pakistan.
In early 2005, he approached Mr. Farooq Mehboob to commence activities leading to the creation of the Northern Pakistan Chapter. Mr. Farooq Mehboob set up a Steering Committee comprising of Engr. Fahim A. Khan, Chairman, Mr. Lawrence Harrison, Vice Chairman, Mr. Azim Ashraf, Secretary, Mr. Arshad S. Sheikh, Treasurer, Mr. M. Ashraf, Member and Mr. Mubesher Ahmad, Member. On June 14, 2005, Mubesher Ahmed handed over to Farooq Mehboob a petition signed by 52 members for forwarding to Society.
The ASHRAE Board of Directors approved the Charter in the Annual Summer Meeting in June 2005. ASHRAE President, Mr. Richard Rooley, chartered the Chapter on March 15, 2006 with a grand event held at the Serena Hotel Islamabad.
On July 18, 2005 the first meeting of the Steering Committee was held at Islamabad, where a Nominating Committee was formed. The Committee also reviewed and adopted the Chapter bylaws as per ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter. The 1st Chapter meeting was held on 1st September 2005, at the Islamabad Hotel, chaired by Mr. Arshad S. Sheikh and 24 members participated. The 1st Officers installation ceremony was held at the Serena Hotel, Islamabad on December 16th, 2006 where Mr. Mubesher Ahmad was elected Chapter President for 2006-2007.
The Chapter has a long record hosting hugely successful family get togethers and training programs. The ASHRAE Northern Pakistan Chapter collaborate with the Pakistan HVACR Society for holding an Annual Conference alongside the Annual expo of the Society.

Chapter information

Chapter #179
Location: Islamabad, Pakistan
Chartered: 29th June, 2005

Chapter Board of Governors

President: Mr Waqar Ali Shah
President-Elect: Mr Muhammad Bilal Zuberi

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