ASHRAE RAL Regional Lecturers

Mr Bassel Anbari



  • Vibration and Seismic Restraint for MEP Services
  • Vibration and Acoustic for MEP services

Bassel Anbari is a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University USA. Special studies of HVAC system.

He is an ASHRAE member since June 1st 1985, served ASHRAE in various positions. ASHRAE Region at Large; Vice Chair of Research Promotion Committee 2009-2012, RAL Nominating Committee 2013-2020; CRC 2006 Co-Chair; was a member of Special Project Committee SPC-171 Method of Test and Rating of Seismic Restraints for HVAC & R Equipment 2012-2017, Currently member of ASHRAE Certification Committee, member of Technical Committee TC-2.07 Seismic and Wind Restraint Design; serving as a Chair for RAL Webinar Support Committee and RAL Commercialism Policy Committee He started his career in 1984 as a consultant/designer at Furlow Associated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Claymont, Delaware offices, moving up to heading the Mechanical Engineering Department. Responsible for the design and construction of complete HVAC systems for commercial and industrial buildings, such as Hospitals, Schools, Shopping Malls, Office Towers, and Manufacturing Plants. 

Moved to the UAE in 1993 to be a Sales Manager for Energy International’s Abu Dhabi office. Worked his way up to be Vice President for GCC countries. Responsible overseeing all aspects of management, employees, products, engineering, application, implementation, customer service, commissioning, sales, profits, and strategic planning. In 2008 founded Intercool Central Air Conditioning LLC. A company focused on providing engineered services of vibration and seismic restraints for MEP systems according to International Codes and Standards to guarantee the survivability of electro-mechanical systems against seismic activities and bomb blast, with emphasis on piping design, pipe stress analysis, surge analysis, and steel support design. He also specializes in providing expertise and turnkey solutions for noise and vibration control emanating from electro mechanical equipment/ system, design, calculations and propose mitigations for sound transmission, air born noise, vibration, noise reverberation.

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