ASHRAE RAL Regional Lecturers

Prof. Dr. Birol Kılkış

  • Rational Utilization of Energy by Exergy Principles to Decouple Sustainable Growth and CO2 Emissions
  • Solar and Wind Hybrid Heating Systems: Are they Rational?
  • Green and Sustainable Airport Design
  • Cogeneration and Trigeneration Systems in District Energy Network

Dr. Kilkis received his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering with high honors from Middle East Technical University. He graduated in 1972 with honors degree from von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics in Belgium. Since then, Dr. Kilkis has been working on heat transfer, unified heat transfer theory, high-performance buildings, quantum mechanics, fluid dynamics, heat pumps, energy strategies, aerodynamics, exergy analysis, combined heat and power, tri-generation, hybrid solar PV systems, simulation, and computer aided design of green buildings.

He is also active in wind, solar, and geothermal energy, global warming issues and solutions, innovative HVAC systems, low-exergy and waste heat utilization, district energy systems, and energy strategies. He revised Chapter 6 in ASHRAE Handbook on Radiant Panel Heating and Cooling and four other chapters at a capacity of principal reviewer. He is the co-author of a most recent book on cogeneration with renewables.

He taught graduate and undergraduate courses at several universities like Gannon University, University of Missouri Rolla, Middle East Technical University, Baskent University, and Atılım University between 1972 until 2019. In 1981 he received the Science Encouragement Award from TUBİTAK. He is the author of more than 500 papers in several journals and proceedings. ASHRAE has elevated him to Fellow Grade and has been named distinguished lecturer. In 2008, he received Distinguished Service and Exceptional Service awards from ASHRAE.

Dr. Kilkis was always charged with the most challenging sustainable building design and radiant projects and has worked on more than 250 unique projects. One of them is the LEED Platinum ESER Building in Ankara Turkey. Dr. Kilkis has been appointed to the Executive Committee membership of the European Union Solar Thermal Technologies Platform in 2015. After the commencement of this duty in 2018, he became the Vice Chair of Renewable Heating and Cooling Committee (RHC)

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