ASHRAE RAL Regional Lecturers

Prof. Ahmed A.Medhat A.Fahim




● Influence of Smoke Management Systems on Fire Engineering
● Acoustic Analyses For Robust HVAC Systems
● Building Rating Systems For Sustainable Building
● CFD Modeling As An Assessment Tool For Performance-Based-Design


Prof. Ahmed A.Medhat A.Fahim is a full time Professor of Mechanical Engineering since 2012 & Official Consultant at Architect & Housing Institute, [AHI] at Housing & Building National Research Centre, [HBRC], Head of MEP Technical Reviewers Committee at HBRC.
Ahmed was graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University at 1988 & got his M.Sc & Ph.D from the same university at 1993 & 1999 respectively. He started his career at 1985 in KOLDAIR, which was the oldest HVAC equipment manufacturer & MEP contractor related to Governmental Sector. After graduation, he continued working in KOLDAIR till 1998. After getting his M.Sc., he worked for many international consulting firms for design & supervision of different HVAC & Fire-Engineering projects.


During 2002 HBRC elected him to join the researchers’ team as mechanical researcher & consultant to participate in preparing & updating of HVAC & Fire Codes, with participating in Ventilation, HVAC Arab, Energy Efficiency & the Green-Pyramid-Rating-System, GPRS for sustainable designs & evaluation. During the last twenty years, he has published more than sixty scientific, academic, & practical papers in international journals & conferences which are devoted to HVAC, Energy Efficiency and Indoor Environmental Quality.


Prof. Ahmed has established his private consulting firm during 1992 that named LUUKKI, Egypt. LUUKKI is working for both of Prescriptive & Performance-Base designs & supervisions for different HVAC & Fire-Engineering projects. LUUKKI has more than 25 years’ experience in Middle-East working for Continuous Educations, Engineered HVAC designs, CFD predictions validated by field tests for of smoke management applications & fire strategies, also, HVAC, climate control systems.


At 2015 Ahmed became a certified HVAC & Smoke-management Consultant. He develops & conducts a series of seminars for HBRC, TUV, GTZ, ASHRAE Cairo & Pyramids Chapters, & Egyptian Fire Protection Association. Lastly, Prof. Ahmed conducted more than 30 technical articles in HVAC Vs. Fire-Engineering for HBRC. He is currently sitting on HBRC Committees for HVAC, Energy-Efficiency, Life Safety, & Smoke Control Committees.

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