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There are no upcoming events at this time.

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  • Ahmed Alaa Eldin

    Ahmed Alaa Eldin

    Director & Regional Chair
  • Wimala Goonaratne

    Wimala Goonaratne

    Assistant Regional Chair
  • Richie Mittal

    Richie Mittal

  • Adeeba Mehboob

    Adeeba Mehboob

    Sub Region 1 Chair
  • Nitin Naik

    Nitin Naik

    Sub Region 2 Chair
  • Mr. Ade Awujoola

    Mr. Ade Awujoola

    RVC SA
  • Ahmed Nour

    Ahmed Nour

  • Gian Modgil

    Gian Modgil

    RVC GA
  • Mohamed Ibrahim

    Mohamed Ibrahim

    RVC MP
  • Aakash Patel

    Aakash Patel

    RVC RP
  • Muhammad Omer

    Muhammad Omer

  • Bassel Anbari

    Bassel Anbari

    Nominating Committee Member
  • Sayani Sri Haribabu

    Sayani Sri Haribabu

    Regional Treasurer
  • Roddam Anish Simha

    Roddam Anish Simha

    Refrigeration Committee Chair
  • Osama Khayata

    Osama Khayata

    RCC Chair and Webmaster
  • Atilla Biyikoglu

    Atilla Biyikoglu

    Regional Historian
  • Farooq Mehboob

    Farooq Mehboob

    Developing of RAL
  • Maged Fuad

    Maged Fuad

    CRC Location & Organization
  • Mohammed Tassi

    Mohammed Tassi

    RAL Regional Lecturers
  • Michel Hayek

    Michel Hayek

    Students Activities Competition
  • Samir Tarabulsi

    Samir Tarabulsi

    Awards Committee
  • Krishnan Viswanath

    Krishnan Viswanath

    Auditing Committee